Most people if given the opportunity would list their home in the spring. It is, after all, the busiest time of the year as far as the shear number of real estate transactions that occur so I often get asked: is it a bad to sell my home in the winter?

Here are THREE reasons why selling in the winter months is a GOOD thing:

1. Less Competition

The majority of people want to sell in the spring... this means more houses for sale and increased competition. Take that one step further, and it could mean lower prices (although we haven't experienced that in the Toronto market the last few years).

2. Serious Buyers

How many people like to house shop (ie. browse) when it's nice outside? LOTS. How many people put on their parkas, boots, clear the snow off their car and then go house shop? SERIOUS BUYERS. Although your home wil not get as many showings in the winter, the showings you do receive will be from serious and qualified buyers... isn't that the best kind of buyer??

3. Current Market

This is one that is often overlooked, and could apply to any time of year. What I mean by this is that when listing 'today' you know exactly how the market is behaving - is it hot? stagnant? on the way down? Some people may put off listing in the winter for numerous reasons but what they forget to consider is that come spring time, the market may not be behaving the same way... by selling your home in the current market, you and your realtor know what to expect.