Ok, I admit it. I own one of these....

I have no shame in saying so, in fact, I can't see myself with any other device (I did cheat for a couple months which only reinforced my love for the BB).

The last few years, however, Blackberry has taken a serious beating and rightfully so. Lack of leadership, stale product line, boring marketing - all factors that I think led to it struggles.

Let's fast forward to the John Chen era… he comes into the mix in December 2013 and takes over as CEO of the company. His leadership was evident from day one. He had a plan and was confident, methodical, and well-spoken when addressing this plan.

Dealt with the job of rebuilding what was once such a powerful company (still is I believe) seemed like mission impossible. People had lost all confidence in the company and paying full price for a sub par product was not high on consumers' list. There was a certain stigma with the blackberry name and the market shied away from it.

I will spare the details as to what he has done to turnaround the company – and to be honest, I don't even know all the details – but I can say that in the few months in charge he has done a phenomenal job in changing peoples' perception of the company and product line as well as instill confidence.

What John Chen has done is no different than what every great realtor does for these 3 reasons:

#1 - He listened to his consumers.

A great realtor has to listen to his clients and the market. Over pricing properties simply to 'get' a listing is not listening to the market. Granted, he may be listening to the clients (see #3).

#2 - He had a plan and executed that plan.

A great realtor knows exactly what to do to market a property, how to do it, and when to do it. Now saying it and doing it are two different things. Everyone promises the world right off the get go but are they following through on what they promised? Get it in writing and avoid the headaches.

#3 - He instilled confidence in his employees and his consumers.

A great realtor needs to be confident in the home he's selling, the price he's asking and especially when negotiating offers. A confident agent will tell you exactly what they feel your home is worth and it should make sense to you. If your agent is willing to list your home at a price you both know won't attract any interest, chances are he/she lacks the confidence. No harm in trying right? Well look how long its taken for blackberry to rid itself of their stigma – the same applies to a home. If you've been sitting on the market for months and the epiphany strikes that you may be overpriced, good luck getting full market value at that point.