A buyer's visit is usually the first time when both the buyers and the sellers can be themselves. The negotiations are over, no 'poker faces' are needed at this point and both parties are generally happy with the outcome. This is assuming that the sellers are present when a buyer's visit occurs. I'd say with my experience over the years, it is usually split 50/50 on the amount of times the sellers are present.

Recently, I had the opportunity to accompany my clients on their first buyer's visit for a home they purchased just a few weeks ago and what a pleasure it was. Don't get me wrong, we were in a multiple offer situation, negotiations were tough and the sellers were a handful but this was now all in the past and an agreement was reached.

Fast forward a few weeks and here we are ready to have another look at the home and take a few measurements. From the minute we got there the sellers were welcoming, kind and friendly. They gave us our privacy and yet they came around to answer any questions we had. The place was absolutely spotless, they organized all the warranties in a neat pile (the home had just been updated), and gave my buyers the 'basics' on how to maintain their garden. They hit it off so well that they even gifted the lawnmower and all the garages' contents to my clients just so they could get a headstart on the backyard - they no longer needed them as they were moving into a condo.

After about 30 minutes of chatter, they insisted on us having a coffee - so we did. Out came the dessert. The typical 'buyer walkthrough' was anything but. These sellers went above and beyond what most sellers do and made the experience for my clients (who happen to be first time buyers) that much more memorable.

Aside from the home, there was no common ground between them - they had different cultural backgrounds, one couple was downsizing and close to retirement, while the other were starting their lives together. All this didn't matter. There was so much pride of ownership from these sellers who wanted nothing more than good people buying their home and caring for it as much as they did.

Some may call it karma, a fluke or total BS... I don't think it's any coincidence that my clients ended up buying this home.