Hold on… this may not be what you're thinking… Toronto's most trusted paper *smirk* – The Toronto Sun – recently came out with a story of the top Toronto neighborhoods, based on….. adulterers.

As in, extra marital affairs, cheaters, infidelities.

Most people who read the Sun usually don't get past page 3 but if you did, you may have read the article.

Here it is for those who missed it.

A top on the list: Forest Hill


Well according to the write up : " You move into Forest Hill, are surrounded by affluence, you're talkin about it in golf clubs and you get sucked into it" This was the CEO of Ashley Madison weighing in.

Actually, if you read the entire article, the CEO of Ashley Madison goes on to say that these affairs are actually helping marriages and preventing divorces… hmmm… maybe a hidden agenda from the CEO of the website whose slogan is: "Life is Short. Have an affair" - riveting stuff from the Sun.

On a side note… if you join this website and actually live in Forest Hill… who would really disclose that??? Doesn't that increase the likely hood of you getting caught?? Anyways, I digress…

As a realtor, I'm constantly asked about various areas and neighborhoods, what they offer, the schools, the demographics, but now, the rate of individuals engaging in these naughty affairs is something to consider as well. Or is it?

The Internet over the years has allowed us such a greater understanding of real estate markets and we are constantly coming up with new stats, metrics and surveys.

Some are good and some are crap. This falls into the latter.

Do your homework when it comes to choosing the right neighborhood for you. Although this may not be one of them, some more credible write-ups tend to paint a picture that isn't always the case. Make sure you are getting proper advice from someone who knows the real estate market first hand.